Golden orange panna cotta

- 500 gr. Of almond milk
- 1tsp. Of turmeric powder
- 2 tsp. Of orange blossom water
- 50 gr. Of honey
- 1,5 tsp. Of agar-agar

1/ in a pan, boil together the milk with turmeric and orange blossom water.

2/ when boiling, sprinkle the agar-agar and whisk energetically for 1-2 minutes while you slow down the heat to medium.

3/ take off the stove, and pour in small cups. Let it cool and place then in the fridge till service!

4/ I baked  orange slices covered with honey in the oven for 40 min at 100C. And then let them closed in the oven till cool. You get a kind of orange candy, i used to decorate the panna cottas. I picked up organic orange with no extra preservative on the skin to be able to keep the skin!

5/ Serve for dessert with some cookie, like the almond cookies and enjoy!


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