Fruité de Régusse

A couple of weeks ago, I met the vinoloog of Rhone Wine Values, and we had a very nice conversation about wines. We share the same philosophy about good quality and good value for money wines! They actually have a very nice range of Rhone wines!

Talking about rosé, I remembered one I had this summer with my father. After 6 months, and now that the weather is just so bad, I felt like to have one more glass of this fruity rosé!
It is not so easy to find a good and nice rosé wine in the South of France,... except if you go for Domaine Ott, Château Pibarnon, Château Roseline or Trevallon,... the best rosé wine in France, but also the most expensive! I promise that you do not open them only with the Sunday barbecue!!!!
Instead Fruité de Régusse, is so cheap, and give you a wide range of fruity notes, as well as red flowers, in a perfect balanced body! No acidity, no headache threat, just PLEASURE!

it's a country wine with no denomination, made from Cinsault, Grenache and Muscat, that give this sweety final note! Only 12.5ºC, to drink really chilled as apéritif, or exotic cuisine,... I had it with barbecue, but the idea of some Vietnamese spring rolls is just making my mouth water,... and bring me back, one year ago, Vietnam!

Souvenir and desire, this wine is getting more and more attractive!!!! Get a chance to try it! It's not easy to find, but if you need help, let me know!


Je vous renvoie le commentaire de mon ami André, fin gourmet et grand connaisseur des rosés de Provence!

Chere Stephanie,

Je faisais un petit tour sur ton blog et j'ai decouvert un article sur les roses que je n'avais pas vu... A mon humble avis, dans ta liste des meilleurs roses, tu oublies Rimauresq, le cru classe du fils Duffort : de tous les roses que j'ai deguste (jamais deguste Trevallon toutefois), c'est mon preferre!

Bises, n'attrapes pas froid!

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