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10 Healthy and Comfy Snacks for Home Office Cravings

I don't know if you have the same thing as I have. Even if I eat well, as I am working from home all day, I often have cravings between meals . Home office is great, but also has its temptations, and snacking is one of them! Sometimes, it is just because I skipped breakfast (because I overslept) or because I had been doing some workout. Anyway, I frequently have cravings, and they ask for comfy snacks . There is absolutely nothing to chew on in the house. I do not buy any cookies or chocolate bars. Everything is homemade, and sugar free, as you may already know if you follow me for a while! I wanted to share with you some snacks that are healthier and still make the trick to my cravings! They were all brought to me by my nutritionist (for a change!) and some are just super quick and easy others require a bit a of cooking in advance. All are refined sugar free, gluten free and mostly vegan. I also opted in this case for m ainly savory snacks, as my 5 cookies recipes for lockdown ar

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