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Beet-Red Velvet cake

The American famous red velvet cake made into its healthy version, gluten and sugar free!
Since some of my recipes are published on different American websites like USRG or Foodnetwork and I cook special buffet for Halloween, I started to follow American cooks and learned about their cuisine. I do not feel French and arrogant enough to believe that European cooking is the best. For a lot of years now, I have this idea of transforming the traditional Red Velvet cake into a healthy and more delicious version!
I think this is the perfect occasion for turning it into reality!!!
Ingredients for the beet-red velvet cake:
- 250 gr. of beetroot puree - 3 eggs - 1 tbsp. of coconut oil - 75 ml of almond or coconut milk - 1 tsp. of vanilla extract - 3 tsp. of gluten free baking powder - 50 gr. of corn starch - 150 gr. of almond meal - 50 gr. of coconut flour - 1 pinch of salt - 4 tbsp. of maple syrup (if not sweet enough yet)

Stephi's Frosting: - 100 gr. of cashew butter - 175 gr. of coconut cream (you can al…

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