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Skip a Beat-root Hummus

This is the best combo: a delicious and tasty hummus with the bright and healthy support of the beetroot! Such a great way to get your veggies and also surprise your guest for an aperitif!
Try it and it will make you skip a beat! As I usually say to everybody, I do not like beetroot! But I looooove its bright color and how it pimp any dish where you include it. After several years, experimenting with beetroots, I now see that I use it quite a lot, and even start to like it,... The first time, I had to use it, was because it appears in my veggie delivery box. I was kind of panicked, because I really did not want to eat it.... but I NEVER throw away food, so I had to find a way to trick my senses. Some years later, I made beetroot salad, beetroot verrine, roasted beetroots, beetroot carpaccio, beetroot cake, and so today, we will make BEETROOT HUMMUS!
It is an easy and quick way to create a surprising dip for an aperitif or starter!
Ingredients for 6 persons: - 250 gr. of cooked beetroots - 200 …

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