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All-in-one vegan and gluten free breakfast bread

Gooood Morning! Is there anything better than a sweet and yummy bread to start the day and the weekend? Imagine a carrot cake, banana bread and oven baked oats all-in-one delicious and nutritious bread!
And it is gluten free and vegan! This how I deal with crucial choices in the morning!!! I do not like to choose and not be able to enjoy all the tastes I like... This is how I came up with this recipe,... I was not able to choose if I was going to cook my oven baked oats, a banana bread or carrot cake.... so I decided to mix everything together, and....tadaaaammm!

I also opted for a large quantity bread loaf in order to be able to freeze and save some for the next days!
Ingredients for 1 large loaf or 2 small loaves:
- 1 handful of raisin - 1 handful of dried apricots - 1 handful of dried figs - 200 ml Earl Grey tea - 2 medium size carrots - 2 apples - 2 bananas - 1 nail size of fresh ginger, grated - 2 cups of almond flour - 1 cup of rolled oats (choose gluten free ones if coeliac) - 1 cup of mixe…

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