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5 Cookies recipes for Lockdown 2.0!

  Chocolate Shortbread Who wants a cookie? Here, you will find 5 yummy and healthy recipes of cookies, I am sure you will like! Most of them are really quick and easy to make, and stay quite healthy as most of them include veggies, fruits and no refined sugar! I hope you will enjoy it! It is a great activity for the weekend and then, you can enjoy them with your tea or coffee at your break during the week!   1/ Lazy cookies I call them lazy, because you really need 5 minutes to make them! You can totally create your own combination of flavors: - cacao nibs + orange + hazelnuts -  almond butter + raisins + nuts - cacao butter + cranberries + vanilla - cacao butter + pistachio + dried apricots - etc.   2/ Sweet potatoes cookies Have you ever tried a cookie with sweet potatoes? You will be surprised how delicious it can be! 3/ Spicy Chestnut Cookies Something different using chestnut flour, which make these cookies also a great one for cealiac people! 4/Almond Shortbreads The

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