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Rhubarb Cake

Rhubarb Banana Cake Spring is all over the garden right now. And one of the most elegant and giant plant is rhubarb. The huge size of the leaves makes me feel like in the jungle and I love it. This rustic and antic plant is also a childhood memory.  Every year, I try to go behyond my mom's delicious rhubarb tart. And this time, I chose to make a cake with it. This rhubarb cake is vegan and I only used coconut sugar to soften the sour sticks and create kind of caramel with it. Rhubarb goes so beautifully with ginger and banana, they came in the recipe.           This is a recipe for 4 persons, or small mold: - 3 rhubarb stems - 35 gr. of coconut oil - 3 tbsp. of coconut sugar - 1 thumb of fresh ginger - 1 ripe banana - 1/2 package of bakin powder (5 gr.) - 100 gr. of whole wheat flour - 4 tbsp. of oat milk   Marinating Rhubarb sticks 1/ The day before, or at least a couple of hours before, I peeled the rhubarb stems, cleaned them and cut them in short sticks. I sprinkled on top 3 ta

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