Manzanilla Pasada La Goya with a bio Montes de Alcalá

The second wine was also a Manzanilla, but a longer matured one, which was giving a more matured notes and length to the wine. It comes from Bodegas Delgado Zuleta.
What I really enjoyed with this particular wine was to be able to find the same complexity and aormas as a Manzanilla, sea salt, nuts, herbs, etc,… but not in such a strong way as a Classical Manzanilla. Here you find complex aromas more intense and longer and finer. I found really appropriate for people who are no used to Manzanilla tastes, to get introduced in the Jerez world!
Montes de Alcalá is a goat milk cheese a coming from Andalusia, with a well balanced intensity with the acidity.
The match, once again, was a great! With this more complex and balanced wine the balance of the cheese was really nice.


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