Shawarma eggplants!

Shawarma (Shoarma in Dutch) is a well-known dish coming from middle east countries, you can find now everywhere in Europe, as fast food.
Usually, it is chicken, lamb or beef meat roasted on a skewer and served in a pita bread with vegetables and dressings. (more info)

In the Netherlands, you can find it fresh, spiced and cut thinly at the supermarket, and Manolo is just found of it! Last night he came with some pork shoarma and I thought to a new way to prepare it!

To prepare you shawarma eggplants for 3 persons, you need:
- 3 small eggplants
- 300 grs. of pork meat shawarma
- garlic
- tomato sauce
- 50 grs of couscous

First of all, I wash the eggplants, and take off the meat in the inside. Then you salt it and put the way down on a kitchen paper during 10 minutes at least,... this step is not compulsory, but it helps to have the dish ready before!
Then I put some crushed garlic inside the eggplants, more or less, depending if you like strong taste or not! I add some tomato sauce in the bottom, really few, just to top the bottom.
Then I mix the shawarma meat with the raw couscous and stuff the eggplants with the mix.
For this recipe, I prefer the pork meat, because the fat and taste will give taste to all the ingredients.
You don't need to pre-cook the couscous, it will cook with the meat, sauce and eggplants! Actually, I quite never pre-cook it! Look at the tabouleh recipe, it's the same! the own "juices" you can find will cook it and give it more taste!
You do not need to add neither oil nor salt and pepper, as the pork will bring some fat and the shawarma is already spiced enough.

I top with some grated cheese, and put it in the oven at 180ÂșC for 30 min!

It's easy, quick and tasty! it's the typical dish, you want to prepare for the dinner,... it looks great, taste good, and it does not give you so much work! Try and enjoy it! Of course, you can find a lot of varieties to this recipe, so be innovative, and tell me your tries!!!!


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