Scallops carpaccio

Scallops Carpaccio by Appetit Voyage

For a long time, I see recipes of Carpaccios’ of scallops, … I wanted to try it! It is my own interpretation:

For 4 persons:
- 12 big scallops without the orange coral
- 3 tbsp. of olive oil
- 100 ml of yuzu juice (choose lime or clementine instead of yuzu if you can't get it!)
- Salt and pepper
- Pinch of hot paprika

1/ First, clean the scallops with water and dry it with some kitchen paper.

2/ With a sharp knife, try to do very thin slices,… it is not easy, so take it easy and be patient!
Place the slices in a tray.

3/ Then, prepare the marinade in a bowl, gathering the olive oil, salt, pepper, the yuzu juice and the paprika. Mix well and put it on top of the scallops. Let it 1h in the fridge covered with a plastic wrap.

4/ For the service, place the slices on the plate as it was a flower, cover it some marinade and decorate it with some lime slices.
I served it with a fennel’s salad and orange and lime vinaigrette. This could be a good idea for a Christmas starter, light, delicate and really amazing!

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