Yoghurt custard tart

This week, my French friends went for a meal,... a Britain fish soup, some Bami from the Netherlands, and as dessert, I tried this recipe they all asked for it!!!

So here it is, the yogurt custard tart!

Ingredients for 4/6 persons:

- 500 ml of milk
- 3 Greek yogurt (they are creamier than the other ones)
- 1 vanilla pod
- 4 tbs of sugar
- agar-agar powder,... the one I use, Pronagar, requires 1 packet for 1l of liquid,... I put 1 packet.

First you open the vanilla in order that the small black dots can spread and you put it in a pan with the milk. You add the sugar and boil the milk. When it starts boiling, you spread carefully the agar-agar and mix very well in order you do not have lumps. After 1 minute, you let it cool for 5 minutes. Then, you add the 3 yogurts and mix well again.

You put in a mold and let it cool for 30 minutes at least in the fridge.

For the service, I top it with some preserved rosemary flavored apricots my Mum did this summer,... It is just the cooked apricots with rosemary,... no sugar, no preservatives,... the pure apricots!!!! Delicious!!!!

Of course, you can imagine to use some marmalade, or chocolate sauce instead!!!!

In any case, you will get a very nice dessert, quick and easy. The girls will love it because it is really soft and light, and in summer, refreshing too!

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Stephi said…
Les filles, vous avez votre recette en ligne!!!! j'attends de voir vos oeuvres!!!!!
Pour l'agar-agar,... si vous n'en avez pas, utilisez de la gélatine normale! Allez bonne cuisine mes poulettes! Bises!

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