Carnival of pastries and treats,....

Homemade Angel Wings by Appetit Voyage
Homemade Angel Wings
While all Europe is already celebrating the traditional Carnivals, next Tuesday is the last day of food celebration before Easter. Mardi Gras day, or Shrove Tuesday in English,... it is time for a carnival of pastries and treats,...

Shrove Tuesday is the last day before ashes and 40 days of lent! 
Again, the gastronomy is linked with the Christian calendar,... but we do not need to be Christian to enjoy it of course!

In the ancient times, we are again in front of tradition linked to the end of winter and the purification,... and as the pagans would never loose an occasion to party, carnivals begins!!!!!

Everywhere in the world, we will see during this week all kind of feasts and carnivals! It is probably one of the strongest and most international, deep rooted traditions.

In order to go through so much party, the gastronomy is focused these days to pastries and food all fried! 

The main ingredients always includes eggs, wheat, fat and sugar: crêpes/pancakes/filloas/poffertjes, waffles, doughnuts, etc...
In Lyon, a traditional sweet is Bugnes, sweetly called Angel Wing; a kind of doughnut explained here by Jacques Pepin:

Enjoy Carnival and indulge yourself today!

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