Misa's wontons

Misa taught me a lot about Asian cuisine, and what I preferred from her, is that we are very similar, we like quick and easy cuisine!
Wontons are a Chinese food very popular and spread all over Asia with a lot of different shape and taste. Basically, is a dumpling that can be found fried or steamed, serve alone or in a soup,... All the stuffing are imaginable,... usually, you find it already made and ready to eat.

This is a good idea to change from typical appetizers with crisp potatoes. We will prepare home made wontons!!!!! One of the other treat Chinese people have for their New Year celebration!

- wontons pastry sheets pack (you also can do it yourself as normal pasta, but, we chose the quick way and you'll find it in a Asiatic grocery with no problem!)
- 1 tuna can (200 grs aprox.)
- 2 spoons of mayonnaise
- 2 spoons of sesame seeds
- 1 spoon of soy sauce
- 75grs of fresh cottage cheese type, Philadelphia is also ok!

You first prepare the stuffing, mixing the tuna can with mayonnaise, cheese, soy and sesame. Then you put half spoon of the mixture in the middle of the wonton. With a wet finger, you moisture all around the borders of the wonton and then put another piece of wonton on the top and press the borders in order the two pastries gets welded.
Keep them on a plate without climbing them.

When all your wontons are ready, then you put a good quantity of oil in a fried pan, and heat it. When the oil is ready, we fry the wontons 2 minutes for each side.
The reserve it in a kitchen paper and serve it right away!

You can eat it with a soy sauce or a mix made of crushed garlic, soy sauce and chili and a little bit of nuoc nam. Delicious as a starter with some fresh herbs or as an creative aperitive!

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