Good Turkish shop in Haarlem!

As I'm still quite new here in the Netherlands and in Haarlem, I'm still looking for shops where I can find good quality products!
Supermarkets here, are usually quite small, so, the range of product is reduced and you cannot always find what you are looking for!
An easy example: Kikkoman soy sauce,... is the sauce I usually use, but it´s impossible to find it the most important supermarkets in Haarlem!!!! I was getting desperate!

Finally, I found a very good place to shop! It´s a called Mabrouk and situated in the Botermarkt. You can find all kind of spices and special preserved and canned food from everywhere in the world (including my Kikkoman soy sauce!!!!) and they also have an extended part for fresh vegetables, with products you do not find usually and a lot of fresh herbs! It´s really wonderful!
On Friday, I went there to buy some lamb shops,... I spent all Easter weekend looking for a place for lamb, and it is impossible in this country!
At the Turkish shop, they of course have lamb! The lamb shops were at 13.95 Euros/Kg, which sounds expensive for Dutch people, I suppose, but for me, I found it a good bargain for value!
While I was waiting in front of the meat counter, I saw something which I really love and could not find in Spain for the last 8 years!!!!!
MERGUEZ! They are spicy fresh sausages made with lamb usually. In France, we are used to find it and have it for BBQ! I love it!
I decided to buy some and try it this weekend!

I was expecting to be disappoint by the taste because, it would not be like home! I was really wrong!!!!
I cooked well the merguez on grill pan and serve it only with some mashed potatoes,....
DE-LI-CIOUS! They were totally homemade and fresh, with a really nice spices mix! I love the hint of fresh coriander and they were not too hot, so really easy to eat!
I was afraid that they were to  fatty,...during the cooking the sausages were just dropping a fat juice,... but, once well grilled, the merguez were absolutely not fatty, and I really enjoyed it!

Next time, I will try the shwarma! I saw they also have some fresh shwarma mix,... and it must be much better than the AH one! I will tell you!

Hope this can help you to find your way in Haarlem, anyway!

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