Stephi´s quiche

One of my American friend came for dinner the other day and I wanted to prepare him a quiche and make a kind of French dinner!

Quiche Lorraine is one of the most international French dish, usually loved by everybody!

It is like a concentrated French cuisine! Butter, cream, pastry bacon and cheese,....
It´s also a quite simple recipe,... a crust, and then a simple mixture and oven!
For years I did this recipe, innovating, changing and creating new tastes,... you can check one variant on this blog Spring Veggie Quiche.

As my life is like a continuous race, I always look for quick tips,... one I was used to use was to buy a already made pastry and save time for the mixture,... this way, in 30 minutes, the quiche was prepared, cooked and ready!!!!

I really did not have time to prepare a crust so I adapted the original recipe to skip the puffy pastry,...

This my own recipe lighter and really tasty!

For 4 pax:

- 100 grs of Wheat floor
- 6 eggs
- 100 grs of gouda
- 1/2 onion
- 200 grs of bacon
- 400 ml of liquid cream
- salt, pepper, nutmeg and chives

Turn on the oven at 225ºC.

1/ In a bowl, join the yolks of the eggs (reserve the whites), cream and floor. Mix it well.

2/In a fried pan, cook the bacon dices till they get dried and grilled. Take off the liquid fat and let the bacon on a kitchen paper. 
Slice the onion really thinly and grill it also in the same pan with the rest of fat from the bacon,... it´s enough!

3/ Add the grated cheese, the bacon and the onion as well as the thinly sliced chives. Salt, pepper and nutmeg. Take care, as the bacon is usually already quite salty,... always taste the mixture before!

4/ Then whisk the whites firmly with a pinch of salt till they get stiff.
Add the whites to the mixture carefully.

5/ In a buttered mold, put the mixture and let it 40 minutes at 225ºC.

You will get a smooth and sponge quiche, perfect as aperitif or with a salad as a main dish!

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