Haarlem Culinair

How come the time can go so quickly, that July is already ended,... August starts with all kinds of festival around here!
This weekend all the restaurants in Haarlem have new menus, and you can try their new dishes.  This the Haarlem Culinair, 13 restaurants gathered on the Grote Markt for 4 days, with small bites to try,...
On thursday, I could not wait any more, and I went in the afternoon for a drink and dinner!!!!

The sun finally showed up, so it was really nice to be there. A lot of people was already having dinner at 7h00. We went some friends to try the Nobel, that served a teryiaki for a sashimi,.... very good, but perhaps, they should learn a little bit more about Japanese cuisine before proposing it!
The sashimi is small piece of fresh fish, cut and sliced in a very special way in order to have most flavours of the fish. This is a god bite!
What we were served was a very nice teryaki, a tuna steak wrapped in sesame seeds, half cooked and served with the special teryiaki sauce. It was very nice, but not sashimi,...
The saté was very nice and homemade!

After this aperitive, we went to the Fris Restaurant. I had some oysters, and my friend som meat. We finished it with a strawberry mousse dessert,... The food was refine and very well prepared. The wines matching with, were Dopff's Alsace wines,... wonderful!

At that point, we already spent our dinner budget,... and we were starving,... we decided to leave the Haarlem Culinair and go to a restaurant and have a real dinner,...
In the Netherlands, don´t expect to eat good, pay little, and get a lot for it,... nevertheless, I think it´s a very good way to promote your city restaurant offer, having this festival.


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