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Expatica invited us for a dinner to celebrate the good results we had at the fair "i am not a tourist" and the new Survival Guide.
Hans, my boss, an epicurean guy, selected the Noor.
I was really excited, as I know that we share the same hobby for good wine and good food!

We were 5 in total, in an empty restaurant on Thursday night...

I decided to live the experience and go for a surprise dinner. 36,50 Euros.
I was really seduced by the nice restaurant, the kind attention of the service, and the dishes were really great.

Perhaps, I should not reveal the surprise, but I can tell you that the starter was fish, scallop and prawn. Delicate, balanced and delicious. Then we went for a venison with an incredible taste and smooth texture!
Of course, I could not help to try the dishes of all my colleagues, and then check that everything was at the same level! 
Actually I have to say that I discover something,.... do you like beets? I do not like the taste of the beets, usually with this earthy taste,... I really dislike it.
But then, on Thursday night, in the Noor, I tried the first beets I really liked! No earthy taste, delicate flavour, nice texture, a little bit crunchy! Wow!!!!! I really loved it!

After this big discovering, we had a bottle of Pesquera Crianza, 2007. The wine carte is very well done, with perfect matches wines. A wide range of prices and a high quality as well.

I was really seduced for the elegance and delicate flavours I found. The price is not cheap, but for what I already tried in Haarlem, this is a very good address I will keep!

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