Camarero! Un café con hielo!

In the Canary Islands, after the lunch, a beautiful fresh fish, we were used to have a coffee.

A coffee with ice. This is a typical way to serve the coffee when it´s hot. The waiter brings you the coffee, and a glass of ice. I´ve never seen served like that anywhere else!

Spanish people love to stay more on the table after the meal, chatting and changing the world! It´s when the coffees are on the table, the cigars (before the European law, of course!), and the liquors. Another very typical coffee is to serve it with a drop of Brandy or Baileys!
The coffee with brandy is named a "carajillo". The Baileys version is the favourite from one of my friend in Barcelona,... Each we were going to have a nice meal, a paella, fideua, unos calçots, or whatever, Alex, my friend, is always asking for a carajillo de Baileys!

If you are a sweet tooth, go for a "bombón", which is a coffee with sweet condensed milk,.... I love it!

Anyway, take the time after your lunch, enjoy the company with your friends or family and give you a treat with one of these coffees! 
I´m sure that you have a favourite coffee? Tell us which coffee you drink!


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