Matt getwell choc cake!

My colleague Matt was sick and could not come to the office. I sent a getwell mail and promised him to cook a chocolate cake for him when he comes back,... He immediately replied, saying that he will be back at the office tomorrow.
So, as I promised,... I cook a choc cake, specially for him!

For this special getwell choc cake, you need:
- 100 grs. of dark chocolate (56% at least of cocoa)
- 1 tbs. of sugar
- 50 grs. of butter
- 125 ml of milk
- 150 grs. of wheat flour
- 1 baking powder pakket
- 1 pinch of salt

First,  melt the chocolate with the butter in a small saucepan at very low heat, stirring frequently to be sure to not have the chocolate over heated.
Take it back from the heat and add 1 spoon of sugar, and mix properly. IWait for 5 minutes, in order the chocolate could cool a little bit and the sugar can melt with the mixture.
In the meanwhile, gather the 2 eggs and the milk and whisk it smoothly in small pitcher. In another bowl, put the flour, the baking powder and salt together.

Then, start to mix the chocolate cream with a little bit of milk and then after, with a little bit of flour. Mix very well together, and repeat the operation, till you gather all the ingredients.

Take a baking pan, spread some butter in it, and add the mixture. Put into the oven for 30 minutes at 200ÂșC.

I  always use this easy tip to check if the cake is ready, pinching a sharp knife in the centre of the cake. If the blade goes out clean, it´s ready!


Suggestion: cook the cake the day before,... because this morning when I took a piece, I just died! It was really good,...
The chocolate had time during the night to melt and empower its flavor!

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