Roast Pumpkin

Do you ever try to peel pumpkin????? Oh god, how hard it is!
This is the only reason why I do not eat it so much, or try to find ready to use pumpkin!

I found another trick to no have to peel the pumpkin and still enjoy it,....  Roast it and don't peel it!

Make some slices of pumpkin. Take out the seeds in the middle with a spoon. Put the slices on a tray and spread some olive oil on them, salt, pepper, and paprika!
30 min in the oven at 200ÂșC and that's it!
It´s a great alternative if you want to serve pumpkin as side dish.

There is a sweet version that one of my former Spanish colleague, Jaqueline gave me a lot of years ago also. You can roast the pumpkin without adding anything on it or some honey and cinnamon and roast it the same way,.... very nice too!

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