Mashed Celery

First, I want to underline, for my friend André, that I properly use "mashed" celery and not "smashed" as I was use to say,... He will be haapy that I learn English from him!
Then, I know that a lot of you would make strange faces when you read "celery",.... it seems that there is not so much people who likes this delicates flavour,...
Perhaps you will change your mind when you try this recipe,...

Finally, as Christmas is approaching and a lot of us is searching for some new recipe to impress your family and friend, I think this good be a good idea to change your side dishes of the turkey from chestnuts to celery!

But let´s go to the point, for 4 persons, you need:
- 1 kg of celery root
- 4 medium potatoes
- 500 ml of milk
- 1 broth cube
- salt and pepper

First, peel the celery and cut it in pieces. Do the same with the potatoes. I always wash the vegetables once peeled as usually you still havea little bit of earth on it.

In a large pan, put together the milk and 500 ml of water and let´s warm. When it´s boiling, put the broth and add the vegetables and salt.
Let´s cook for 20 minutes, till the celery and potatoes go smooth.

When they are cooked, mix the vegetables, adding a little bit of the broth where they were cooked to thicken the mash. Correct the salt and add pepper.

You can serve this mash with fish or poultry, it will give a kind of fresh note to the dish.


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