Spaarne 66 in Haarlem

Spaarne 66
2011 CK Haarlem
Phone: 023 5513800

Some months ago, I finally tried this restaurant, and it was a good surprise! Very nice service, very kind waitress, making efforts to speak English with us, explaining all the menu and wines!

I had a stuffed pear salad and then an entrecote with risotto. The rest of the menu was not to broad but well organized in order to find what you like, vegetarian dishes, fish and meat,... you always can find your way!
The salad was quite nice. I like the idea of a poached pear with blue cheese in the center, with a nice greens and nuts. Traditional matches, but well done and well presented.

The meat was nice as well. My only critics is for the risotto, that was really not good!!! I know it is really difficult to serve a good risotto and it seems that in the Netherlands, it is a real challenge!

For dessert, I chose a cheese platter, original cheese, great explanation, great taste,... I really enjoyed it.
I think I paid 35 Euros for it. It was worthy!

I recommend you to try one day, and perhaps, you would like to have a Cuban cocktail afterwards, around the corner at the Fidel bar! A perfect night!

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