Kantjil & de Tijger

Spuistraat 291-293
1012 VS Amsterdam
P: 020 - 6 20 09 94 

 A nice and easy place where to try Indonesian food in the center of Amsterdam!
My first impression was a little bit mix, when I discovered a huge restaurant, really busy. But we were well attended, so I was quite happy with the service!
The menu is extended with a lot of choice of menus. As always in this kind of restaurant,  quantities were really big. The food was good, and I really liked the sate and curry beef. I ordered some Bami, and I hardly tried it,... it looked like the typical asian noodles you buy at the supermarket,... I felt a little bit cheated. A pity because the meat was nice.
I really like also the special cocktails offered and promoted on the table, a homemade iced tea and blooming tea. I did not try them, but at least, it was a nice alternative proposal to the common beers and wines!

The prices are really good and this is a good place to come with friends or kids. For my French guests, I found also quite good as a first introduction to the Indonesian cuisine!


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