My French Summer Pizza

This is a summer pie my mom was used to do, really easy and quick! It looks like a pizza and the main ingredients are like for a pizza, but it is easier to do it! And still delicious!

For 6 persons, you need:
- 250 grs of crust dough
- 4 full tbs. of Dijon mustard
- 6 medium ripe tomatoes
- 500 grs of comté cheese
- Salt and pepper

First put the oven at 170ºC.
Spread the crust on a baking tray. Pinch it with the fork in order it will cook well.
On the top spread properly the mustard. Dijon´s mustard is really spicy so take care of the quantity you use.
I prefer to use Dijon mustard for this recipe because the savory mustard would not highlight so much the cheese and tomato mix as the spicy Dijon mustard will do!
Wash the tomatoes and slice them roughly. Put the slices on the top of the mustard. Add salt and pepper.
Then, slice thinly the comté or grate it and spread it on the top.

Put in the oven for 20 minutes till the cheese melted.

This is really nice for a light lunch with a nice green salad or as an appetizer. You can add and try other combination. Today, I added some thin slices of red onions and some rosemary,.... really nice!


Je n'aime pas manger des tomates, la pizza, je peux donc choisir le boeuf ou le poulet est pas?
Feel free to adapt and adjust the recipe as you like it!

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