Tips in Barcelona

With the summertime, everybody takes some days off and go South Europe to enjoy the sun and good food! 
A lot of friends of mine are traveling this year to Barcelona for holidays. Of course, they are all asking me for good restaurants there!
I was used to travel to Barcelona and make foreigners discover the beautiful city, the culture of Serrano ham in North Catalonia and of course, we were going to the best bars and restaurants  in town! I have an extended list and tours in Barcelona where I come back regularly to enjoy my friends company, the sea air and the Catalan authentic and vanguardista food!

I finally decided to write down my favorite spots in Barcelona! I hope it will be hopeful for the travelers!

My favorite bars and restaurants in Barcelona:
This a typical Basque bar, where you can help yourself from the counter choosing among dozen sorts of pinchos! You take your piece, and keep the long toothpick. When you finished, you will pay as much as toothpicks you have left in your plate! It is funny and informal! The food is delicious and you can try all kind of tapas! It's always been my friends' best place in Barcelona!
This is a famous place where the politics, intellectuals and others were going to eat in the past century. So the place has something special, really romantic! You will try typical Catalan dishes. A very good idea for a romantic dinner!
This is an institution in the market! First you really have to see the market! It is amazing, beautiful and tasty! Then, you have to go to Pinocho, try to find a place to seat down, in front of the bar, if possible. Ask for a glass of Cava and try some of the homemade Catalan food freshly made in front of you! Enjoy the company,... this is real life!
Of course, when you are in Costa Brava, you have to try a Paella! Please do not eat paellas outside Catalonia or Valencia! Or you need to be really sure it is a good place!
Paella is a master piece of culinary art in Spain! Do me the favor to not go to the ¨paellador¨where you will get an already made and frozen tasteless dish!
There is a lot to say about Paella, but in Barcelona, if you want to try a real good one, and not too expensive, go to Can Costa! I´ve never been disappointed! And if you want to try something new, ask for a Arroz Negro or a Fideua. Arroz Negro (Black rice in English) is made with squid ink! Delicious! Or try the Fideua, which is like a paella but made with short kind of noodles, really typical from Barcelona!
This is one of my last discoveries,... quite some long time ago, already, but still absolutely worthy! This is a high standard, fresh, kindly made tapas! Just stop to try something and have a rest,... it is amazing! I still remember my toasty with Iberico ham, mozzarella and fresh slices of truffles,... or the fresh frilled squids that were literally melting in my mouth,....(sigh)
  • Xampañet: c/ Montcada, 22
This authentic tapas bar, located in the hear of the Barrio Gotico, close by the Picasso Museum, is really worthy to stop by and have some house made vermouth with some pan amb tumaca, that you will taste with some Serrano ham, lomo or Chorizo,...

This is it for now,... there is much more places, and I will try to collect them little by little,... I cannot put 10 years of visiting Barcelona in 1 post,... this is like a survival guide for summer travelers! I hope you will enjoy, and I hope you can give me more tips as well!
What is your favorite tapas bar or restaurant in Barcelona?


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