Salmon Duet Tagliatelle

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I have to admit in first place, and before to go further, that I am not a fanatic of salmon,... During the 90's this expensive fish became really popular in Europe, and you started to find everywhere salmon,... the higher the production and sales, the lower the quality of the fresh fish!
So after having too much of low quality and fatty insipid salmon, I get really fed up and stopped to eat it! Now if I choose salmon, I like to choose a good piece and cook it with some special spices that balance the fatty texture.

I do have a couple of recipes for that. One of them is a pasta dish made with fresh salmon and smoked salmon. I really love the mix.

I will share this recipe with you, as it is quite easy to prepare, delicious and quick!

For 4 persons, you need:

- 500 grs of fresh salmon fillet
- 100 grs of smoked salmon
- 200 grs of cream
- 50 grs of Broccoli ( a couple of bouquets)
- 1 lemon juice and peel
- 1 handful of sliced chives and parsley
- salt and pepper
- 500 grs of fresh tagliatelle or linguine

First of all we cooked the broccoli in boiling water. It is usually ready in 15 min. Drain the broccoli and reserve. Do not throw away the water but keep it to cook later the tagliatelle.

Peel the lemon skin and press the lemon juice. Reserve juice and peel a part.
Then, we slowly cook the salmon of fresh fillet. My best way to do this is to cook at medium heat the fillet on the skin in a dry fried-pan. After 5 minutes, make a turn let it 2 minutes, and turn it again. The salmon should be not totally cooked but still a little bit pink inside. Then reserve.
Slice in thin pieces the smoked salmon and pour half of the lemon juice

Boil again the water and cook the tagliatelle al dente.
In the meanwhile, in a bowl, put the fillet in small pieces. It should just be really easy to do it with a fork once the fish is cooked.
Add the smoked salmon, salt, pepper, lemon juice and the sliced herbs. Mix smoothly everything together.
In a pan, put the broccoli, cream and lemon slices and slowly heat it. Add the salmons and let warm it 2 minutes.

The tagliatelle will be ready and drained. Mix the pasta with the sauce and salmon and serve!

I recommend you to try it with a Pinot Noir or Merlot. The Austrian  Pinot Noir Loimer Terrassen 2007 or the American Stimson Merlot 2009 are my selection.

Want more recipes ideas with salmon? Check here the gravlax or my risotto!

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