Applause Restaurant in Haarlem

Grote Markt, 23 A
2011 RC Haarlem
Tel: +31 (0)23 531 14 25

A great experience and a beautiful surprise on the Grote Markt!

Jan, a friend of mine recommended this restaurant, and I literally discovered it when we went together for dinner. It is on the Grote Markt, but I have never noticed it before!

Appetizers: olives, bread and olive oil
Applause is an Italian restaurant. I know what you are thinking,… another one! It is incredible how many Italian restaurant you can find in the Netherlands, and particularly in Haarlem!
This does not mean, that it is easy to find a good place to enjoy good Italian food!
Now, I can tell you to go to the Applause!

I enjoyed the whole experience! The location is great, the old fashion decoration, like end of the century and 20s is really nice. The service was caring and professional.

We ordered some antipasti first, with some culatello. It comes on a plate with some rucola, fresh fig and very thin slices of culatello…. I was surprised to find this delicatessen product on the menu and I found quite good.

Then I tried some spaghettoni alla putanesca. The pasta was fresh and the sauce homemade. Really delicious. Fresh and cooked with quality product. You could feel each ingredient perfectly,… really good! The Putanesca sauce is an amazing mixture made of garlic, anchovies, capers, black olives, chili peppers and tomatoes. Really tasty!

We had a bottle of Vino Nobile de Montepulciano to go with it and it was really nice. The bill was 32 Euros per person.

Definitely a place to try if you want to enjoy a special dinner!

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