Le Bouchon du Centre restaurant in Amsterdam

Falckstraat, 3
1017 VW Amsterdam
Phone: 020 33 01 128

It is hard to live abroad and be an expat.
I am an expat myself for more than ten years now, lived in 2 different countries during this time and traveled all over the world for business and pleasure. I am curious and love to learn from different cultures, but even with my successful past experience in Madrid and Haarlem, every now and then, I remember how hard is life far away from my home country, speaking another language, constantly submit to other ways of doing and thinking. Even if I am are an open mind, if I am empathic, this is truly tough.
You can apply this to anything in your life, from shopping in a supermarket (check here some good stores where to find home food) where you can't find the same products than home till strange situation with locals that do not understand your point of view.

So, even if you are an empathic and enthusiastic person, there is time when you just want to feel home! You are just homesick!
What happened when come these days where you feel a little bit down and lost?
For me there is nothing better than a nice homemade dish that will warm up my body and soul!

This weekend, a friend of mine invited me to a very special restaurant, she wanted me to try in Amsterdam. Le Bouchon du Centre. This is my new cure for homesick moments!

The first thing that drove my attention is when I get into this small restaurant is the lady behind the bar just stretch up her hands to shake it with mine. This is something quite usual when you meet someone, that's true, but, this is the first time that I shake my hands with the restaurant owner-chef-and-waiter getting in!
The lady behind the bar is Hannecke. She takes care of everything in this small 40 m2 restaurant which count around 20 seats. She talks to me in a perfect French and is everywhere, energetic, friendly and easy-going!
Most of the people seated are usual clients and come back obviously for the good food! Hannecke cooks everything herself or bring it directly from Les Halles de Lyon when it comes to saucisson, rosette, jésus cold meats!

The warm welcome and the typical decoration of the place, made me feel immediately at home! A bouchon is a typical bistrot restaurant in Lyon and even if each one is different, all of them have this old fashioned style that I really love! I just found a little piece of my home in Amsterdam, hidden in the Pijp district!

It was hard to choose the dishes because I wanted to try everything! At the end, we share a cold meat platter with Anouk as starter and then, we had a almond trout cooked in butter.
Even though, Hannecke is alone in the kitchen, the service was really quick! She brought a beautiful platter with homemade pâtés - rillettes d'oies, pâté de tête de cochon bio, pâté de lièvre - different saucissons including a the special Lyon´s cooked sausage! The platter was served with some mustard, pickled gherkins and real French baguette! With a nice Côtes du Rhône rouge, Anouk and I just tried and tasted bite after bite the delicious starter!

The trout was also great! We finished the meal with 1/2 St Marcellin cheese for me and a homemade cranberries and almond pie!

I was in heaven! When we finally finished the lunch, the rest of the clients had left already for a long time and we had a very nice chat with Hannecke till we finally had to go back to the rainy Amsterdam streets!

I totally fell in love with her cooking! Fresh, homemade, honest, with true tastes! The service was perfect, and we paid 25 Euros each! I will definitely come back to feel at home again for a lunch or dinner time!

Do you have a special restaurant in Amsterdam (or somewhere else)  where you feel like being at home? What is your best spot to eat home food? Please share with us and let us know leaving a comment just at the end of the post!

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Anonymous said…
Chère Stéphi,

Quelle jolie article sur mon petit bouchon! Je l'ai envoyé á tous mes amis- clients !
J'espére de te revoir une prochaine fois quand tu sera á Amsterdam.

Hartelijks! (ce que je ne peut pas traduire en Francais) van Hanneke

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