Chocolate & Pear Charlotte

I really want to share with you this recipe!!! I am very exciting with an amazing charlotte I did last weekend for some friends!

What is a Charlotte?
Charlotte is the name of a cake made with ladyfingers lining in a mold and filled up with a custard or a flavoured cream. 
The origin of the name is not clear, but it seems to definitely come from England.

You can imagine all kind of combinations. The most used for me has always been the Strawberry charlotte that I am used to teach during my cooking workshops!

Today, I want to give you the recipe of another kind of charlotte made with chocolate mousse and pears! I love the combination of the pear and the chocolate!
What I really like from this dessert, is that you did not need oven, and it could be quite simple and easy to make for a spectacular result!

Ingredients for 6 to 8 persons:

- 20 ladyfingers (the number depends on your mold)
- 200 grs of chocolate of 56% cocoa
- 4 eggs
- cooked pears a small can is enough
- whipped cream

1/ The first thing you need to get prepared is the mold. You need a round mold of 20 cm of diameter approximately and enough high. The height required of the mold is the length of the ladyfinger!
Last time, I used a pan that had the perfect size for me!

2/ Once we solved the question of the mold, we can start with the chocolate mousse!
Here I give you the recipe of one my dessert hit!
Melt the chocolate. In the meanwhile in a bowl put a part the yolk and white of the eggs.
Whisk the whites with a pinch of salt till they get stiff.
When the chocolate is melted, stir slowly to mix well and wait of 2 minutes. In the bowl whisk the yolks till they get clearer and well mixed. Add the chocolate and mix quickly together.
Incorporate the whites in the chocolate mixture delicately with a high move trying to cover the fragile eggs with the chocolate cream.
Put the chocolate mousse in the fridge.

3/ Open the pear can and spread the syrup in a plate. Reserve the pears. Take a ladyfinger, soak it quickly in the syrup and place it vertically in the mold. Repeat till you get a lining around the border. Do the same at the bottom, line the cookies to cover it totally.

Take the chocolate mousse out of the fridge, and put a layer of mousse in the bottom of the cake.
Slice the pears except 1 that we reserve for the decoration and place a layer of pears. Place then a layer of ladyfingers soaked in syrup.
Repeat the operation till the top and finish with a layer of ladyfingers.

Place in the fridge for 30 minutes at least. I usually prepare this dessert in advance, and if you can let it overnight, the flavors will have more time to melt together.
30 minutes before the service, take the cake and pass a thin and long knife around the mold to gently separate it. Turn the mold quickly on a plate and let the cake comes down.
Just before the service, add the last pear on the top and cover with whipped cream!

If you are really lazy, you can buy the chocolate mousse already prepared and only take care of building up the charlotte! In this case, let it at least 1h in the fridge.

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