What wine will I serve for my party? Cerdon, unique Rosé bubbles

Spring is like an endless party,... and it needs the proper wine to go with it!

With the good weather, we are starting to plan more dinners and meet up with friends and family. I am preparing my birthday party, 2 of my friends just have a new baby born and are busy all weekends long with visits,... people are preparing bachelor parties and weddings,... I love the excitement to get people together and spend a unique moment with them!

One of the most difficult question, a part the organization of the event (for this read my other post about How to organize a successful party), it is always difficult to choose the wines!
For a special occasion or just for high tea with girlfriends, we are thinking about Champagne,... but let's face it, we are not out of the crisis yet, so let´s find creative alternative!

Why don't you try this totally new wine? You will love it!

- You will be seduced by this vivid pink color and the small bubbles that gives a smooth and soft palate
- It is fresh, sweet and fruity! plenty of small red fruits like strawberries and raspberries
-  The alcohol is only 8% will make it sociable with all your friends and let you party all night without bad morning wake up!

Cerdon is typical rosé sparkling wine that comes from a tiny region around Bourg-en-Bresse in France. I come from this tiny region and all my life, for any special occasion, from aperitif to dessert, you always find Cerdon wine on the table! It suits especially desserts with red fruits!

Come over to A ppetit Voyage for a free tasting or contact us for an order. Bottles are 12 Euros and you will get special discount for a box  (6 bottles).
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