Nieuwe Koningin Restaurant in Haarlem

Koninginneweg 14 
tel. 023-53 222 44

I heard about this restaurant for a while now,... some of my girlfriends went there and really loved it. But I need to find the right occasion to try it, and when my parents came for a visit, I just brought them there to discover the hidden gem of my neighborhood!

Steamed trout with potatoes salad
The Nieuwe Koningin is situated in a quiet residential street not so far of the centre of Haarlem in the Koninginneweg!

You have the feeling to enter into a home and discover a long room ended with a nice garden. The space is clear and peaceful, very cozy.

The waitresses were absolutely nice and helpful and really dedicated.

Spinach & Gorgonzola Risotto
The concept of the menu is a little bit different because you do not have starters or main courses, but a list of dishes that are smaller portion in order you can order different things and try more dishes! Every dish cost 9 Euros.

The food was fresh and tasty with very interesting mix of flavors. I find it original and surprising,... and delicious!I highly recommend you to visit it. During the summer, ask for the garden. This is a perfect place for a girls' meet up or a romantic dinner.

Strawberry Romanoff
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