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I woke up yesterday morning with a terrible sore throat, and while I was getting off my bed, I realize that I just caught the flu,... worse timing ever! 

I needed to finish important things at work and then pack my suitcase to go on holidays,...

I decided to go to work, and brought with me my homemade recipe for ginger tea. It is a simple as fresh ginger, lemon and honey with boiling water. It helped me to face the working day!

As soon as I went home, I had the force to prepare a powerful chicken soup in order to get rid of this flu!
I really want to share my recipe, and alternatives, because, today, I feel much better!!!!

Basic Chicken broth:
- 2 chicken legs or wings
- 1.5 liter of water
- 1 onion
- salt and pepper
- thyme
- 1 tbs. of olive oil

Peel and slice thinly the onion. In a pan, put the olive oil and start to cook the onions at medium heat till the onion starts to get translucent. It takes no more than 5 minutes.

Add the chicken legs/wings and let it get golden on all faces. When it is done, add the water and thyme. Cover for 20 minutes, and let it cook at medium heat. Add salt and pepper.

After this time, take out the chicken, shred the meat. Put it back into the soup and serve!

For service, you can add some cheese or mustard. It will really warm up body and soul!

For the Asian  Version, you need to add:
- fresh ginger
- lemongrass
- chili pepper
- coriander

Slice thinly all these fresh ingredients. Put the ginger half of the chili pepper when you are cooking the onions in the pan. Then proceed as the basic recipe. For the service, spread on top the lemongrass, rest of the chili and coriander.
It is delicious and will also give you a lot of energy.

Latin Version: this is the recipe a Venezuelan friend of mine showed me a lot of years ago!

In this case, you need:
-1 potato sliced in small pieces
- 1 small can of sweet corn 
- 2 chicken legs/wings

Cook all the ingredients together covered in water for 30 minutes at medium heat. 
When the chicken is cooked, you take if off, and shred it and put the meat back in the soup. 
Add some fresh coriander and 2 tbs. of liquid cream, salt and pepper. It is ready!

It is demonstrated that the chicken soup really helps to fight the flu and cold. Drink a lot of liquids (water, tea, soup, juices), eat some yoghurts, chicken soup, onions and thyme are also good for your body.

After a long night, I am like new this morning!!!! Ready for my holidays! I will come back in 10 days with plenty of ideas and tips from Sicily! See you soon!
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This is an article about the scientific studies made about the anti-inflammatory effects of the chicken soup:

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