Cauliflower Cream with nearly caviar...

This cream is one of my best gastronomic discovery and souvenir! The first time I tried it it was in a small village lost in the West Coast in the USA. I was there to teach American chefs how to slice Serrano ham participating at the most important culinary conference in the country, the CIA. One of the most reknown chef invited us at his restaurant before we were coming to teach the team the secrets of Serrano ham.
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Cauliflower Cream with caviar
If you still do not know whom I refer to, the restaurant is called The French Laundry, and the chef is Thomas Keller.

This is my own interpretation of his amazing recipe and adapted to my current wallet! I always wanted to repeat this cream and this association of flavours... I never had the chance to try it again, and even after 7 years, this amazing experience is still in my mind like an obsession.

This is a perfect occasion to try it and propose a festive and original starter for New Year's eve!

Ingredients for 6 persons:  
- 1 cauliflower
- 1,5 liters of chicken broth
- salt and pepper
- 20 grs. of butter
-  2 tbs. of heavy cream
- lumpfish eggs

Prepare a chicken broth. Clean and cut the cauliflower in small pieces. Cook the cauliflower in the boiling broth for 20 minutes.
After this time, put the soup in a blender with the butter, salt and pepper, till you get a very smooth cream.

Add the cream and stir till you get a creamy texture. Serve right away with some lumpfish eggs on top or caviar if you have it.     

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