Chicken Liver Mousse

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Stephi's Chicken Liver Mousse
This is one of my star recipe for Christmas, but you can easily make it for every occasion! It is ideal if you prepare a buffet for example. 

My chicken liver mousse is a cheap alternative of paté de foies or foie gras, but it can be really tasty and delicious! And the best thing is that is quick and easy to make!

Ingredients for 6 persons:
- 400 grs of fresh chicken livers
- 300 ml of sherry wine Fino
- 300 ml of cognac or brandy or licor 43
- 200 grs of coconut oil
- 1 tbs. of heavy cream (soy cream is also possible)
- 1 thyme stick
- 2 laurel leaves
- salt and black pepper 

 1/ First put together the livers with the 2 alcohols, the thyme and the laurel in a box for a whole night in the fridge. If you skip this step, it is not a big deal, but the marinade turns your mousse quite more flavorful...

2/ The day after, put the livers and alcohols in a pan and at medium heat till the liquid is hardly totally evaporated.
Remove the laurel and thyme.

3/ Add the coconut oil and let it lukewarm it gets melted.
Put everything in a mixer and mix till you get a smooth and thin mousse. Add the salt and pepper and the cream. Stir well. 

Pour it in a nice bowl, cover with a plastic film and let it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes till it gets harder.

You can serve it with some toasts as appetizer, on a buffet, or as a starter with some green leaves with pomegranate. You can serve with a some onion chutney or spicy fig marmalade.

This is also a great recipe to prepared a couple of days in advance. The Mousse will be all the more tasty, because all the flavours will have time to get together. You can keep it 1 week in the fridge.   

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