Discover the mysterious Etna wines and the Sicilian character

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View from the cottage

Let the warm Sicilian sun gets into your soul and the Etna wines warm up your body! 

Join for an unique Wine Tasting with Appetit Voyage and travel South to the Etna to discover their mysterious wines!


It is a sunny October afternoon, when we leave Catania aiming to the massive and impressive Etna volcano. The fall sun with its side rays of golden light enlightens the whole mountain and paint with gold the trees and vines.
After 1h driving along the slopes of Etna in this wonderful bushy fall vegetation, we finally arrive on a earthy road where a SUV is waiting for us. Giuseppe welcomes us. We get into the SUV and drive 1 more kilometer in small wild lost road before arriving to the Azienda.

Appetit Voyage
Along the road that brings us to this encounter, my excitement is just growing up as the first shadow of the late afternoon is already covering the East side of the volcano.... it is like a thrill,... I visited plenty of vineyards and wineries, most of them totally lost in outstanding landscapes. Though this visit is a little bit special.
Giuseppe Mannino is the son of the Cavaliere Mannino a very close friend from my friend Alessandro. Alessandro prepared and arranged this visit for me. Giuseppe happens to be also the president of the Consorzio di tutella di vini di Etna.
Appetit Voyage
Etna Energy
My excitement is also probably influenced by Etna. The previous day, we made a excursion to see the volcano from its closest point. The lunar landscape, the cold and the wind let an impression though. But the most impressive moment was when sat on lava soil watching down to the slopes of the volcano, Catania and sea in the far end, I felt something special. 

I will always remember this moment; the soil was warm. It was the first time in my life I could feel so clearly the force, the energy of a mountain,... not any kind of mountain, of the most important volcano in Europe! 
I feel how small I was on earth, how blessed mother Nature had been to us, how thankful I was to be here alive surrounded with some of my best friends. That special day, I felt the energy, strong, overwhelming, wrapping my soul and making me feel happy. It may be sound you romantic, but this is what Sicilia gave me.

I could feel this energy during our way to the Tenute Mannino Dei Plachi! I insisted to go to the place where they were making the wines, and then, here we are, lost in the North of Etna, in the middle of nowhere, or I would better say, in the inner essence of my trip!

Walking in the vines and visiting the small winery make make grow an uncontrolled happiness feeling in my heart that reverberates in a crazy smiles absolutely contagious for all my friends. A Small but definitely also modern and well organized winery!

Appetit Voyage
Wine Tasting
After this short visit Giuseppe and il Cavaliere Mannino guide us to a small cottage further in the vines. A strange energy starts to circulate between us; The small cottage is in the middle of the vines, the prickly pears cactus, olive trees

Behind us, we can feel the shadow of Etna clearly cropped in a blue sky except for a white smoke exhausting from the top.
In front of us on the terrace where  glasses and wines are already set up, we can  overlook the valley and river far down, and the small villages hanging from the rocks,... the view is outstanding!
Appetit Voyage

Our small group of Spanish, Italian and French is over-energized. We look at each other grinning, thankful to be here together and talking about the marvelous wines!

At that moment,  I feel blessed. The wines we are tasting are full of this environment: Mediterranean bushes, sun, clear crisp blue sky, complex and elegant, light and impressive,.... 

My heart is surrendered to the Etna wines.       
Appetit Voyage
Appetit Voyage Wine Tasting

I would like to share with you the passion of the amazing Etna wines through a vertical tasting of the Tenute di Mannino dei Plachi wines: 

Etna Rosso  2009
Etna Rosso 2008
Vasadonna 2006
Donna Letizia 2003 

It is quite an unique opportunity as these wines are not imported in  the Netherlands. 

First, we will, of course, remember the tasting steps, then we will go through the 4 wines and will pair it with some of the preserved products that the winery also makes: green and black tapenade, dried tomato paste, spicy pepperoncini. I will serve some antipasti as well.

At the end of the tasting, you will get a booklet with the wines tasted and you will be able to order the one you preferred!

Want to know more about my trip to Sicily, check this post: The Best Secret of Catania, Pasta alla Norma 

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