System D: a cooking and nutritional workshop

by Cecilia & Stephi 

In French, D system is the makeshift alternative when nothing else can be done. It is resourcefulness. This is the title that popped in my mind when we were working on this workshop with Cecilia. Usually, Cecilia is the one who always find the funny and straight forward names for our workshops. We both found D System very appropriate for this new workshop focused on D vitamin.

Before we go further to the workshop, let me introduce you to the soooo desired D vitamin. 

Do you know why you are so depressed and grumpy in winter when you do not see the sun? It is because you lack D vitamin! Our main source is usually the sun! 
D vitamin is fascinating and Cecilia really taught me a lot about it while we were working together. Did you know that is one of the few vitamin, we do not get from our food? It is our daily exposure to the sun that provides us our dose of D vitamin. 

What can we do if we do not have enough sun exposure? How can we get our D vitamin? The good news is that there is some few ingredients that can provide it to us! 
Cecilia and I will give you some great tips and tricks (D system) to get it in your plate and enjoy it!

Our workshop is always set up in a fun mood, with new people, expat or Dutch every time who are willing to learn, cook and have a healthier life! We prepare together 4 recipes, with different techniques, discover new ingredients and cooking methods. Then we share the meal talk over the topic of the day, answer questions. We always welcome you with some homemade drink, and during the whole workshop you get soft drinks, tea and snacks.

Want to join?
What time: 2pm - 5 pm
Where: Appetit Voyage HQ in Haarlem
How much: 55 Euros
What do you get: recipe booklet with extra ideas, nutritional info, goodie bag,... and good laugh with nice people!

Where can I sign up: on Facebook or on Meetup!
Cecilia, our nutritionist and mentor, wrote a small note in order you can know her a little bit more:
My name is Cecilia Götherström, originally from Sweden and I have been living here in the Netherlands since 2002. Since 2009 I run my own business within the field of health, and am a certified Nutrionist and Yoga Teacher. 

Nutrition, and how it can enhance health and performance while still being tasty and doable, has played a large part of my life since I was 11 years old.

 Since then it has always been a read thread in my life all the way through work in the hospitality industry, the multinational corporate life in the office and on the road and the past 3 years it has been my full time work - ranging everything from more serious health issues to simply how to, in the best and easiest way, improve your life and stamina through nutrition, always including your current lifestyle and family situation. 

For more detailed information, please, visit my website.

a ppetit voyage is much more than reviews and recipes! See you next week!

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