Halloween Menu ideas

Chocolate cake coffin for Halloween by Appetit Voyage
Chocolate cake coffins decoration details

How a French girl can rock your next Halloween dinner?

I am French, not American! This is what I was keeping on saying to my friends who joined to my Halloween parties these past 2 years. I never celebrated Halloween, and I never had been a big fan of it. What happened to me? If you can see this year, I am already excited with the big day coming up, searching for costume, decoration, and of course menu!

It is an unnerving party where against the dark and cold of the newly come Fall,  my friends and I  have a great laugh and a lot of fun! So, you do not need to be American to like Halloween, and I can tell you that you can make a big impression easily if you want to organize a Halloween dinner following my tricks and tips!
Jack'o Lantern for Halloween by Appetit Voyage
Jack'o Lantern

Easy and cheap decoration for Halloween:

Martha Stewart has so much tips and here are some quick and cheap decoration ideas
- Bats take off on the wall
- Jack'o lanterns
- ghosts balloons
- Spiders web


Stephi's Menus ideas:

As aperitif, why don´t you propose a Bloody Mary or a sangrita?
It is easy to prepare: 1/4 of vodka and 3/4 of tomato juice, some lemon juice. Season with some celery salt and present with a celery stick. 
Sangrita is a Mexican drink, and you can prepare it as a Bloody Mary, but change vodka with tequila and lemon with lime, and add some drops of tabasco.

Scary-spicy shortbreads for Halloween by Appetit Voyage
Scary-spicy shortbreads
Propose some raw veggies with dips to go with it. I always have it for all my dinner and parties. To get into the theme, just arrange your veggies into a skeleton or a spider,...
I also made some scary shortbreads.
Then I chose some strange color dips: black tapenade (black olive paste), anchoiade (anchovy paste), spicy tomato sauce, etc. Find all my dips in the post aperidips.
Other appropriate finger food could be some dates and prunes rolled in bacon or pigs in a blanket in mummy mode !

To follow, a beautiful and easy dish to propose is a pumpkin fondue! Find the recipe on this blog here.
Pumpkin fondue for Halloween by Appetit Voyage
pumpkin fondue
You can serve it with some sautéed mushrooms with potatoes for example.

Some black sausage with apple compote and potatoes mash is also delicious and can easily look disgusting.

rotten cheese platter for Halloween by Appetit Voyage
Rotten cheese platter for Halloween
To be French till the end, after all that, you can serve a puking extended platter of rotten cheese with Roquefort, Cabrales, Morbier, and all kind of goat cheese that are looking grey and dark from the outside like Chavignol, Valencay, Saint Maure! Serve it with some apple syrup, balsamic vinegar cream, plums, dark prunes and grapes.

Chocolate coffin cakes for Halloween by Appetit Voyage
Stephi's Choc coffins in dirt
For dessert, there is nothing funnier than a nice chocolate cake coffin with some easy decoration with candies. 

Besides I proposed last year some fresh fruit salad: Dragons eyeballs made with some canned litchis and grape. I let them marinade in the litchis juice with some Malibu! Delicious!

I hope you will enjoy a scary and spooky Halloween! And please feel free to share your ideas and tricks!

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