Unique Champagne Tasting with Missinwine!

On Thursday 30th of October, I will host a very special wine tasting held by one of the most passionate and fascinating sommelier from Champagne:

Caroline Henry from Missinwine

Caroline moved to Champagne two years ago to write a project on Terroir in Champagne. Like Burgundy, Champagne has a myriad of soils, micro climates and local characteristics. These are often masked by the extensive blending techniques (across regions, varieties and years) and the elaborate wine making process yet we will try and give you a little inside in the Champagne magic! 
Caroline is now also self publishing all the notes and knowledge she gathered these past years in one of a kind book about Champagne. If you are interested to know more about it, check the page and feel free to be part of her adventure!

And discover in live some of these Champagne de terroir through an unique tasting in Haarlem!

Along 4 different champagnes, Caroline will explain more about appellations, terroirs, grape varieties...

Appellations : Champagne is the most northern appellation in France yet it is the oldest appellation and did you know it is the only one which does not require the letters AOC before the word Champagne?

The first sparkling wines were made in 1730 through the process of second fermentation in the bottle. Although still wines are allowed in the appellation (Coteaux Champenois Blanc, Rouge,Rosé & Rosé de Riceys) these wines are today a minority, and Champagne is renowned and most loved for its sparkling wines, characterized by very fine bubbles and light mousse. 
Unique Champagne Tasting by Appetit Voyage
Champagne landscape
Terroir : There are several distinctive terroirs in Champagne, yet the region is characterized by its chalky subsoil. In most wine growing villages the chalk is less than 0,5 meters away, with a limestone, marne, clay or sandy top soil. This means Champagne wines often have a mineral saline element. The cool climate further contributes to a racing acidity or great freshness. Do you know what French call terroir?

Grape varieties: The 3 main grape varieties in Champagne are Pinot Noir,
Chardonnay and Meunier. It is interesting to note that just under 70% of the grapes used to make Champagne are red grape varieties, yet Champagnes are generally white wines. 
You want to discover more, learn, taste some delicious French finger food and share the passion for Champagne with us?
Join the event! There is still some tickets available! Please contact me at cookingandtasting@appetitvoyage.com to book your seat!


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