Vegan Dahl with a saffron chickpeas foam

vegan dahl with saffron chickpeas foam recipe by Appetit Voyage
Vegan Dahl with saffron Chickpeas Foam
Today Lyon is freezing with temperature below 5 degrees,... not very common here, and somehow it is nice to also have a true winter. It is a though a struggling time of the year, this week of January, starting with the Blue Monday, one of the gloomiest day of the year for most people. To fight this cold and sad atmosphere around, I take a lot of care of the dishes I cook this week, focusing on happy and comfy food. 

So, it is time to share one of our favorite recipe for my boyfriend and I!

This dahl is sooo heart warming and creamy even if it is totally vegan! And the saffron chickpeas is just delicate, delicious and impressive. 

The best of this recipe, besides it is delicious, is that is sooo healthy, packed with nutrients to feel good!... and it is pretty easy to prepare as well! Let's do it together:

Ingredients for vegan dahl with a saffron chickpeas foam  for 2/3 persons:
- 1 tbsp of coconut oil
- 1 cm slice of fresh ginger
- 2 garlic cloves
- 1 onion
- 250 gr. of red lentils
- 1 small can of chickpeas (reserve the juice)
- 1 handful of fresh spinach or kale cabbage 
- 250 gr. of tomato sauce (choose a passata with no additives, only the pure tomato)
- 200 gr. of coconut milk
- 2 tsp. of a mix of cumin, coriander, curry, chili flakes, turmeric
- salt and pepper

vegan dahl with saffron chickpeas foam recipe by Appetit Voyage
For the service:
- 1 spring onion or scallion
- 1 handful of fresh herbs including mint or coriander
- chickpeas juice
- 1 pinch of saffron pistils
- salt and pepper
- extra virgin olive oil
- lime

1/ In a large pan, stir fry at medium heat with coconut oil, the sliced onion, crushed garlic and ginger. When it start to get golden, add the cumin and coriander seeds. Stir a couple more minutes.

2/ Add the lentils and stir for a couple of minutes. Then add the tomato sauce and coconut milk. Spice the mix with turmeric, curry and chili flakes. If you do want a milder dahl, add the chili flakes at the last moment. The later, the less it will develop its spiciness in the dish.

3/ Let it simmer for 25 min, till the lentils are cooked. Do not hesitate to check it and leave a little bit more if you prefer. Add the fresh green leaves and the cooked chickpeas. I choose cooked canned chickpeas and keep the juice when I drain the chickpeas.

4/ Reserve the juice of the chickpeas in a bowl with the saffron pistils. Leave it infuse.

5/ After 5 minutes, stop the heat, taste and season with salt and black pepper. The vegan dahl is ready. You can prepare it in advance, it is easy to heat it up again. As any stew, the more it cooks, the better. You will also love it even more if you cook it 1 day in advance, as all the spices and flavors will have time to really mix together.

5/ For the service, slices a spring onion with some fresh mint or coriander.

vegan dahl with saffron chickpeas foam recipe by Appetit Voyage
Whipped chickepas foam with saffron
6/ Make your whipped chickpeas juice whisking them like you would do for stiff egg whites. It takes some minutes to see how the juice turns into a foamy and white mix. It really looks like meringue. It is though less stable, and will slowly go back to juice after 30 minutes. So I encourage you to whisk the foam at the last minute before serving, to ensure the best consistence.

7/ Serve the vegan dahl in bowls. Drizzle some virgin olive oil, add a full spoon of chickpeas foam and sprinkle the onion and herbs on top. 

Enjoy! Even if the chickpeas foam is a little bit more fancy, The different textures and the flavorful saffron really gives a kick to the dish! 

I always present the remaining spring onions, fresh herbs, fresh chili pepper and lime on the table

What do you think about this recipe? Does it sound yummy? Please post some picture if you prepare it! 

I also prepared this vegan dahl with my i'cookin, to save time and manipulation as it slice, crush and stir fry!

dahl recipe by Appetit Voyage
Dahl with Tiger prawn
If you would like a more luxury version, but not vegan, you can add a grilled tiger prawn with the dahl.

You can also change and exchange the chickpeas for other veggies like cauliflower, sweet potatoes or any veggie you fancy!  
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