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Dilemma of an ethical eater: How to eat healthy for you and the planet?

Dilemma of an ethical eater: How to eat healthy for you and the planet? is a true question that spin in my mind every time I go and buy food to the supermarket, market or shops. I totally changed my eating habits to healthier ones the past 6 years. I can really feel better, more energetic and happier since I do so. You can listen to my story on this video from my speech during the Women Economic Forum in The Hague in January 2017.
While I changed my eating habits, I started to eat less meat, no processed food, no refined sugar products, less and less dairy,.... And I started to eat more veggies and more superfoods including quinoa, avocado, coconut, chia and hemp seeds, nuts, etc.
Being more and more conscious about how I honour my body with my food intake, naturally brought me to be more conscious about the origin and way of producing all that food. I became a fervent defender of Michael Pollan ideas and the Omnivore Dilemma's book.
I also come from the countryside, where I had been b…

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