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Flavored salt for spicy cooking: 5 ideas to pimp your dishes

I got a very nice present for my birthday this year that really inspired me: flavored sea salts! I already have different types of salts at home, but this new one is just delicious with some saffron taste!
I wanted to test and try new tastes and play with all my spices. I also find it a another great way to make a very personalized gift. So if you lack ideas for your Christmas gifts, why don't you give it a try?
I created 5 flavored salts to pimp your dishes, but there is an infinity of possibilities, so feel free to try and combine new tastes. I tried to mix also dried flowers with herbs and spices. Read the recipes below, and find your own inspiration.
For all the recipes, I chose a French coarse sea salt from Britain. The flavors is strong and the grey-ish color is beautiful to me. You can find nowadays amazing salts from all over the world, with amazing colors, so pick your favorite.
1/ Golden Saffron sea salt
I did not measure any of the recipes but did them the same way. I chose s…

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