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2017's summer Gazpachos: 5 new recipes

Because the Spanish gazpacho is so delicious, you want to have it all the time, and you want to experiment new tastes with different fruits!
Summer is hitting strong here in France and you do not feel like eating too much. You only want to have fresh fruits! So I started to make my Fruity Gazpacho with watermelon, I already shared with you some summer ago.

And of course inspiration strikes again and new recipes came out! I will share with you some awesome recipes to try home, but they all have the same basics, the ones you find in the original recipe of gazpacho I posted on the blog as well.
Have you ever tried a peach or a cherries gazpacho? Here is how to start making this delicious and fresh soup!
All ingredients are measured for 4 servings.
1/ Cherries Gazpacho - 1/2 cucumber - 1/2 red bell pepper - 1/2 cup of pitted sherries - 1 handful of fresh mint leaves or basil - 2 tbsp. of olive oil - salt and black pepper - 1 handful of rucula - 1 tsp. of balsamic cream
Put everything in the blender exc…

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