Cry out! and Stuffed Mushrooms

¨To create is to resist, to resist is to create¨

Yesterday night I had guests at home. The ladies from the reading club came to discuss about a special text I chose: the essay ¨Cry out!¨ from Stéphane Hessel. Karina, Cristina and I had a special evening where the discovery of the wine tasting and food pairing was following also the sharing of ideas and opinions and what makes us cry out, stand up and fight for!

It will perhaps sound strange to write about a philosophy essay and then propose a stuffed mushrooms recipe! Even if it does not appear obvious to you right now, please read till the end and you will understand it!

Stéphane Hessel´s text is easy and clear as well.
I created this easy stuffed mushrooms recipe to share with the girls as we share our ideas. It inspired from a Spanish recipe as this text inspired the Spanish population.

Besides all this, my main objective was to propose a new snack that would pair with red wines. To taste a wine, experience this unique emotion and share it with people is real life for me! To read a book, feel it and share it is also a unique experience!
Let me share with you the Stuffed Mushrooms recipe for 4 persons, you need:
- 8/12 big white mushrooms
- 100 grs. of smoked bacon in very thin slices
- 2 shallots
- 1 garlic clove
- 50 grs (a handful) of hazelnut powder
- 25 grs of Parmiggiano Reggiano
- 1 handful of Parsley
- 1 tbs. of olive oil
- salt and pepper

Turn on the oven at 180ºC.

First we brush smoothly the mushrooms to get off all the sand that could be sticked on it. We cut the stems off the top and slice the stems in small pieces.
We also peel and slice thinly the shallots and garlic.

In a fried pan, we put the bacon, and start to fry slowly. When the fat is melted in the pan, we add the shallots, garlic and half of the parsley and fry it with the bacon fat itself. After 5 minutes, we add the mushrooms stems and keep on cooking. Add little salt (the bacon is already quite salty) and pepper.
When the bacon is golden and the shallots are also golden, we stop and reserve.

In a baking tray, we brush the mushrooms with some olive oil. We pre-cook the mushrooms in the oven 10 minutes.
In a small bowl, we mix the rest of the fresh parsley, the hazelnuts and the grated parmiggiano, little salt and pepper.
We take off the mushroom from the oven and stuff them with the bacon mixture and then top it with the parmiggiano-hazelnut mixture.

We put the tray back in the oven and let it grill for 10 minutes.
Serve right away as starter on top of a rucola salad or to go with a nice roast beef or grilled game.

It will pair really well with a merlot or pinot noir!
¨To create is to resist, to resist is to create¨
At my humble level, I create easy recipes and pedagogic wine tastings to help people to discover themselves and the quality food and drinks. I think food and wines are part of our inheritance, and we need to protect it against the junk food and ignorance. This is what this blog is about! Learning, creating, enjoying and sharing!
A ppetit Voyage is your globe-trotting connoisseur: helping you change your mind about food, wines and cooking!


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