Bij Tholen restaurant in Haarlem

Kruisweg 70b
2011 LG Haarlem
023 5319625

Last weekend, I decided my girlfriends to go to Bij Tholen for our dinner. 
I heard about this restaurant from different friends and I was curious to try it! It is located on Kruisweg, really close to the Haarlem train station and it makes a very good spot to gather friends coming from other places than Haarlem!
As we were a quite big group, we had a large wooden table in the middle of the small restaurant. The atmosphere was quite cosy and warm. The service was good even if we had to wait a very long time to get the food. This was a pity, really. When you realize that you are waiting for your dish, it is not a good sign!

We decided to share some plankje as starters. A big platter with Serrano ham, salami, tapenade, fried cheese bowls and mackerel pate arrived with Turkish bread. There was way to much food for us! But everything was delicious! Even the Serrano ham - and I am very picky the Serrano ham - was good!
We could not finish it,...
Then, I chose to try some French blood sausage with apples and bacon. I was served again a big plate with sauteed potatoes, apples, onions and spekjes (bacon) with some slices of blood sausage.
It was good, but, I have to say that I was a little bit disappointed,... I think the dish was not balanced and the bacon was too much. It was a very heavy dish, with not enough vegetables and perhaps a too much strong taste.
Though, I appreciate that the chef took the risk to put some French blood sausage on the menu and test the recipe.

I paid 35 Euros, including 1 beer and red wine. The wine list was short but quite nice! We chose a young Rioja wine that was perfect with the dinner, as we all went for meat.

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