Café Colette in Haarlem

Oude Groenmarkt 22 2011 HL Haarlem
Phone: 023-5329357
I've just tried a new restaurant in Haarlem. Café Colette is a French international bistrot. The place is nice and welcoming.

As any new spot in Haarlem, of course, it was totally full! But we could find a small space on the bar to have dinner! That was great!
You can find a really broad range of dishes on the menu that can make everybody happy! Small hapjes Dutch and French style, salads, fish, meat, pasta, and traditional French dishes.
It took me a while before I could decide what to try and test the cooking. I have to say that I was quite curious to see how good they were cooking French dishes! 
Then, I decided to try the Boeuf Bourguignon that was standing like a king dish in the middle of the menu. 
In my opinion, Boeuf Bourguignon is a delicate dish and not so easy to achieve. Basically, this is a stew recipe from the Eastern part of France where beef meat is braised in a red wine and served with onions, mushrooms, carrots.

I have to say that I was disappointed by the dish I was served,... the gravy was really liquid, and the mushrooms seemed to come from a can. We shared a nice bottle of red Sancerre that was nice instead!

I will give the place another chance, but for now, I am not convinced. I don't really like the people that are making marketing around the French (or Spanish, or Italian) cuisine but do not have chefs or ingredients quality following up. If I compare it with the nice bistrot Le Bouchon du Centre, where I also went recently, this is all the more obvious!

Did you already tried this restaurant? Did you enjoy the experience? I would love to have your comment and see if I am the only who had been disappointed! Leave your comment just below the post! Thanks!

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