My Dutch Tian Gratin

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My Dutch Tian
The Netherlands has limited natural resources if we look at the food. Nevertheless, I found it quite interesting to turn the traditional dish or basics to new more fashionable dishes that change a little bit the Dutch gastronomy image!

So now, you can say: Yes, you can eat well in the Netherlands!!!!

Take the best of the country, add some new ideas and taste, and you can have a real tasty dish, let’s try it!

Tian is typical South France gratin, I decided to turned up side down and present some new refreshing recipes! This one is actually perfect for a rainy fall diner!

Ingredients for 4/6 persons:

-          1 kgs. Potatoes
-          1 Broccoli
-          4 Frankfurt or smoked sausage German style
-          200 grs. Gouda
-          Salt and pepper, butter

Preheat the oven to 200ºC.

1. First boil the potatoes and broccoli, 20 min in salted water.

2. Then in a baking pan, alternate rows of slices potatoes, Frankfurt type sausage slices and broccoli flowers.

3. Add some touches of butter, salt and pepper and top the tian with slices of Gouda.

4. Put in the oven 20 min at 180ºC.

Serve immediately when ready and choose a powerful red wine, like Rioja or Cahors.

Appetit Voyage
Tian secret is in the order

Try it with cumin Gouda for a different touch, it is delicious!!!!!!
Another possibility, would be to change the sausages, for anchovies, you will get a stronger taste, but healthier!!!!

Check this fusion recipe to go with it: Asian style Red Sea Bass Filet with Miso Sauce

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