Welcome to appetit voyage!

I was thinking for a long time to start this blog, as I’m not so found of the web, but, I also feel to share with people my thoughts and tips.

During all my life, one thing was guiding me,…first it was not conscientious. Today, I can say that I’m totally gastronomic!!!! From my childhood, surely the beginning of everything, through my studies and then the several companies I worked for, one only motivation had motivated my curiosity: good food and good wine!

I was born in a family where everybody was touched by this passion, eating good, marked by grandfathers who lived the II WW. I come from the countryside somewhere between Lyon and Geneva.

I studied in a Business School in France, considered as the highest eduation in this country,… and while my fellows were choosing marketing, finance or ERP to become big managers, I was proposed to get specialized in International Wine Trade. I found it the best option for me and the most exciting!
I was opened a new world, new sensations, and new ways of seeing the things that will show the way till now.
I worked for the French wine sector a couple of years before to change for Spain and Jamón Serrano!
This big experience gave me the opportunity to get into the gastronomic sector, travel all over the world, understand better the quality of a lot of European products and get familiar with the most important Spanish chefs and their cuisine.

After 7 years, pushed out by the destiny, I’m now ready to start my own adventure motivating by the same as years, know more about good food and good wine, and share it with people!

My aim in this blog is to share with you my food experiences and ideas! Welcome to a unfinishing trip, trip around the world, trip into your sensations,…


viernes said…
Acabo de descubrir tu blog y apenas he leido 5 ó 6 entradas. Me está pareciendo realmente interesante y le pasaré el enlace a algunos amigos que sé lo disfrutarán.
Un beso y buena suerte, ASM

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