Château de Targé from Edouard Pisani-Ferry

Château de Targé has a special place in my heart, since I met Edouard Pisani-Ferry some 10 years ago!
This winemaker is as smart, interesting and surprising as its own wines ! No other Saumur-Champigny than this one ! Complexity, balance, delicacy, elegance ! I can’t find the words to express how I love it !

Edouard welcome me at his castle, show me the property, the cellar, and explain me is so particular way of making wines !
But what really is made me crazy, is the wine itself !
We usually think that red wines are very powerful and including too strong for women taste,… I would say that is the perfect woman red wine ! it speaks to me ! red flowers, red fruits, smooth as silk,…every time is only pleasure to drink it!
Perhaps, I’m also twisted because is one of my favorite wine to match with my favorite dish : the traditional creamy Bresse chicken !

Château de Targé is worthy for fine cuisine, refined poultry as pheasant, partridge, seabass, scallops or crayfish,…perhaps, we can also take the risk with some fruit dessert (wine pears, or red berry tiramisu),…

Have a look at the website, it’s fresh, vivid and funny as Edouard, and do not hesitate to taste the wines or drop by the castle, you’ll be charmed !

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