New Year’s eve ideas!

This is another idea for new year’s eve! Las t week I prepared the gravlax salmon,… it is delicious, but I have 1kgs of salmon waiting to be eaten,… I cannot offer every night for dinner toast with salmon!!!!
So I thought about new ideas to serve it and not be fed up with the salmon! Of course, you do not need to prepare the gravlax to do this recipe! You can use a smoked salmon bought at the supermarket!!!!

This could be a good starter for new year’s eve, fresh, easy, quick and healthy!

You need:
- 200 grs. Of celery
- ½ fennel

For the sauce you need:
- 1 spoon of horseradish cream or mustard
- ½ teaspoon of mustard
- 1 teaspoon of curry
- 2 teaspoons of olive oil
- ½ lemon
- Salt and pepper

I grate the fennel and celery and join it in a bowl. Apart, I prepare the sauce mixing all the ingredients together,… If you like spicy food, you can add more curry or mustard as you want.
I mix properly the salad with the sauce and serve it with slices of salmon on the top.
You can imagine a nice presentation, placing a round of salad in the middle of a plate and top it with small slices of salmon. You can add some salmon eggs and lemon slice for a perfect presentation!

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