Bañustes crianza 2002

Do you know Mentrida PDO? This is a small region located in the area of Toledo and is specialized in red and rosé wines.

This traditionnal region is coming back with bodegas who are making very interesting wines!

I had the opportunity to have some bottle of crianza 2002 PDO Mentrida. I loved the balanced and fruity taste I found when I bought it, but I've just found a couple of bottles forgot in my cellar.

The sherry colour turned into a darker garnet with some brown touches. The flavours of black fruits are more matured with new oxydated raisin hint!... because of the monastrell variety.

I thought it was too late to drink it, but I was really impressed by this same balanced mouth, the same complexity of flavours and still a lot of body.

Even if we can find some deposits, I really enjoyed it and I only can recommend you to look for it and try it!!!!


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