Pain du Noyer or how to protect real taste in this world

I want to tell you the story o fan amazing bread,…
My dad is used to go to shop its gourmet products directly to the producer, and can drive a lot of km for it!
Lost in the mountains at 20 km from our place, we know some very special baker!
They are 2 brothers running a farm and producing their own wheat. Thank to this, they have the right to bake bread by their own with their own wheat, …

Have you ever try real authentic bread? Made up from A to Z with recognizable ingredients and passion?

Quite every day, they heat their wood oven next to their home and they prepare a simple and authentic bread,… big pieces of bread, as we were eating in ancient times,…

You cannot find this taste somewhere else! This big crunchy and toasted rind, this so intense and soft interior, … nowadays, it is so difficult to find a real authentic taste, made with passion,… I feel happy and sad each time we buy some,… Happy to get the opportunity one more time to have it at home. And sad to be so few to be able to taste it.

Nowadays, we are used to buy our food at the supermarket, a lot of time, already made and ready to eat,... some children does not know that milk comes from cows,... perhaps it's exagerated, but I really feel sad about this loss of culture,...

I want to protect and spread this culture and let people remember where are they come from and where are come from their food!

Before to enjoy great food and great products, you have to learn what is good, what is the real taste of the food!

Do you know what is the taste of a tomato??? do you think that the tomatoes you are used to eat are real???? Do you know at what season the tomatoes are riped?

So, what is the taste of the bread???? the real bread? If one day you come around Bourg-en-Bresse in France, let me know, and I tell where to go!!!! I will try to give you good places to go and taste real food everywhere I go!!!!


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