Chandeleur - candelmas

The 2nd of February, is the Chandeleur feast in France,... This is one of the tradition of Carnivals. This another really ancient tradition coming from before the Roman times,... There is different stories to explain it. All of them have a common point, and want to celebrate the end of the winter, and the new wakening of the nature. At this time, the days are going longer and longer again, the farmers are starting to look forward the new sowing seasons, etc...

The crêpes got connected to this celebration thanks to the Christians with pope Gelasius in the seventh century and the pagan rites turned into purification and blessed Virgin Mary celebration.

It's also said that the crêpes are looking as a sun, announcing the renewed season, and were made with the last wheat flour of the winter.

When you begin to look behind to our more ancient traditions, you usually find this pagan rites linked to the Mother Nature and the seasons... religions helped to build their calendars with all these feasts. But, the seasons and the Nature, is still really important nowadays and did not change for ages,... it's something quite cheering in these times of climate changes!
Sounds stupid?
For me, it's a like a direct connection to the world, people, plants, planets and life,... think about it! A lot of people are looking for connecting again with the real life, the nature life we put a part more and more the last century. Do you know when the tomatoes season is? do you know the real taste of it? We already talked about that, I know.... I don't consider myself a fervent ecologist, but I do think we should remember where we come from and what are made of and what we need to survive,... the planet... i do think we should be more respectful of ourselves,...

Did you read this very interesting introduction to philosophy called Sophie's World wrote by Jostein Gaarder. I read this book 14 years ago, I think, and the most vivid thing I learnt and understood about philosophy at this time, is this feeling of being part of the universe,... being myself some grain of sand in the eternity of time,... have you ever think about your place in this world,... in this universe?

Crêpes are like a grain of sand in the eternity of time,... season after season, year after year, the people are still looking forward the sky for answers to their fears and their curiosity.

Crêpes is like a small part of my eternity, of my childhood souvenirs, coming back every year, celebrating the same thing and cooking the food for centuries,... I will transmit it to my children and grandchildren,'s time to focus on your own, on your tradition. Of course, we should never forget that is a feast, a celebration! Ask children, about it! So great!!! Today we will make the crêpes and flip them in the air!!!!

A last tradition says in France, that if you achieve to flip well you crêpe while you have a money coin in your left hand, you will be wealthy during the all year!!!! Let's try it but above all enjoy this treat!!!!!

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