Fried Vietnamese Squid

In all the recipes we did in Hoi An, this is one I particularly liked because, it was easy to cook, and easy to repeat home as the ingredients are quite usual even for European people!

Ingredients for 4 persons:
- Vegetable oil (sunflower or colza)
- 400 gr. of fresh squid
- 3 small spring onions
- 3 celery talks
- 1 ginger knob
- 4 Lemon grass stalks
- 5 garlis cloves
- 1 shallot
- sesame seeds
- Chili sauce (tabasco, sambal, harissa, etc...)
- sugar (white and brown), salt and pepper

First, you have to cut the squid in rings,... if you buy it fresh, you have to clean it properly, taking off the peel, the bone and the ink. Then, you cut it in fine rings.

Mix together the oil, spring onions, ginger, celery all sliced finely. Add the squid and a pinch of white sugar, pepper and salt.

In the meanwhile, crush the lemon grass and gralice together ina mortar, then, add the chili sauce as well as the pinches of brown sugar. In fried pan, fry this mixture during 2 minutes with some oil.
Then add the squid mixture and stirr it for 3 more minutes, till the squid gets translucent.

Serve in a plate and add some lime juice, fried shallots and sesame seeds!

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Ravenous Couple said…
love the flavors in this dish!

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