Sampurna Indonesian Restaurant in Amsterdam

Singel 498
Tel: 020 625 32 64
Trams: 1, 2, 5, 16, 24 till Flower market

Located in a very touristic place in Amsterdam, I wanted to check the good recommendations I read everywhere on the web about this restaurant!

And I really liked it! The service was really, really nice, the restaurant is really pleasant. You can choose between several menus going from 25 Euros to 40 Euros. All of them, really generous, so you perfectly can eat 2 persons with 1 menu,...

The food was fresh, and well cooked, perhaps too spicy for me, but really reasonable objectively!

What I really like from the Indonesian menu is that you can try every kind of food, salads, meats, fish, vegetables in small portions, and really suitable to everyone!

If you are looking for an Indonesian restaurant in the center of Amsterdam, or you're looking for a touristic situation, go there, you will enjoy it!


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