Puffy Comté Crêpes

Ingredients for 4 paxs:135 grs. Of Comté cheese
15 cl of milk
1 packet of baking powder
2 eggs
100 grs of wheat flour
2 spoons of oil
30 grs. Of butter
1 coffee spoon of fennels seeds Salt and peppe

Crush the fennels seeds.

Warm the milk and take out. Add the baking powder and let it melt. Mix. Add the yolks and the fennel and whisk.

In a bowl, put the flour, and add little by little the milk while you whisk energetically, follow adding the liquid butter and a pinch of salt. Reserve it 1h at room temperature.

In the meanwhile, whisk the whites to stiff peaks and you’ll add it to the previous mixture.

Then, you can make the crêpes!!!!! In a ant adhesive fried pan, with some oil, and really warm, put a ladle of the preparation and drop it in the pan making a round shape. Let it cook for 2min and flip it. Finish to cook in 2 minutes more.

Reserve the crêpes on a hot plate. Then cut the crêpes in 2 in order to get from 1 thick crêpe, 2 thinner crêpes. Stuff them with slices of Comté and serve it right away!

Think about more stuff or other cheese, and serve it with a salad for a complete dish!


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