Spicy Beef Thai Salad!

Spicy beef thai salad by Appetit Voyage
Beef Thai Salad

Some years ago, when I was still an "business executive woman", I had the chance to got to the Blue Elephant in Paris invited by one of my agencies.
I have to say that this was one of my best gastronomic experience!!! The place is just incredible, and you love to get in the this jungle, trying to find your way among huge exotic plants! Everything was perfect till the smallest detail! 
It was the first time I really try Thai cuisine, and I really enjoyed it! So much, that I still remember what I ate! And one of my favorite dish, was the spicy beef salad,... I spent years searching for the right recipe, testing, and so on,...

Today, I had a very nice steak for my meal, and then, suddenly, it makes me think in the spicy beef salad,... so right away, I went to the supermarket, and look for ingredients and try to do it again! It is not an attempt to copy the Royal Thai Cuisine, but my small tribute to this amazing gastronomy for the ones who do not bear spicy and can not find easily the ingredients! 

Ingredients for 4 persons:
- 1/2 cucumber
- 100 gr. of mung beans (what we called during years soy sprouts)
- fresh coriander
- 200 gr. of beef steak
- spicy sauce as tabasco, sambal or harissa, whatever you have in your country! must be really spicy!
- 1 garlic clove

For the sauce:
- 3 tbs. of canola oil (or other vegetable oil)
- 2 tbs. of soy sauce or tamari sauce
- 1/2 Lime
- salt and pepper 

1/ First, we grill the steak at the point we like it and at the end of cooking, we spread the spices, ... At this step, you can adapt the cooking as you prefer: cooking and spicy.
In my opinion, meat should be rare and I choose slight hint of sambal. I found a wonderful spicy sauce in Guadeloupe island, which is the most flavorful I ever tried! But impossible to find somewhere else, so sambal, is the most similar to this! I decide to put really few in order that my guests can add more if they want!

2/ Cut the beef in thin slices and reserve it.

3/ Then, grate the cucumber in spaghetti and let it in a stainer with some salt on it, in order to strain the water for 10 minutes. 

4/ In a bowl, put a crushed garlic clove, the mun beans, and the cucumber. Place the beef slices on the top. 

5/ Prepare the sauce mixing all the ingredients together and then spread it on the top of the salad. Add fresh sliced coriander and serve it!!!!! and do not forget to put the spices on the table in order that everyone can season himself its salad!

French version available on Les Fines Bouches, facebook!
Pour 4 personnes: 1/2 concombre rapé, 100 gs de haricots mungos, un bouquet frais de coriandre, 200 grs de steak de boeuf, une sauce épicé (tabasco, harissa, sambal, etc...) et pour la sauce, huile de colza, sauce soja, 1 gousse d'ail, citron vert . On fait griller le steak à son goût et on lui ajoute en fin de cuisson la sauce épicée. On découpe le boeuf en fines tranches et on réserve. Dans un bol on réunit le concombre et les haricots, on dépose le boeuf dessus. On prépare la sauce avec 3 cuillères d'huile, 2 de soja, ail hâchée, et 1/2 citron vert pressé. On arrose la salade de sauce et on parsème de coriandre fraîche ciselée,... j'en ai l'eau à la bouche! Inspiration du Blue Elephant,... sans la prétention d'approcher la cuisine royale thaï non plus! Mais c'est délicieux!

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